September 3, 2006



1. While it really shouldn't be an enormous surprise that someone with his um, enthusiasm for wild animals was killed by one, I still yelled "Holy Crap Steve Irwin died!!!" Sure he shouldn't be dangling his kids near crocodiles, but I liked his show and liked watching him interact with the animals he loved so much. And it was plain to see that he loved his wife Terri and his kids very much, even if there's no way someone who wrestles with crocodiles is completely sane. Pour some Fosters out for our homey, or should I say mate, who ain't here no mo'. Fosters from the U.S. though, since apparently Foster's sold in actual Australia sucks.

2. This segue sucks but a month or so ago a group of us ate at some restaurant in the city called "The Sunburnt Cow" that boasts authentic Australian food. Some things I learned:

-Guava tequila is yummy.
-Kangaroo tastes like a cross between pork and beef.
-The "Aussie burger" or whatever is weirdly good. It is a regular burger with lettuce, tomato, a fried egg over easy, bacon, beetroot, cheese and a slice of grilled pineapple. Okay reading that you probably want to hurl a little but it is insanely delicious.
-I could eat a hundred "Lamingtons" (sponge cakes dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut.)
-Even if the Aussies were critical of this specific restaurant's offering, pavlova (some dessert involving meringue, fresh fruit and cream) is also freaking good. I'm going to Australia. I don't know when but it's happening.

3. I cried like a baby during Agassi's farewell speech. I'm teary about sports ceremonies as it is, like jersey retirement ceremonies or when they award Olympic medals. But I straight up sobbed when Agassi was speaking. I love that guy. To me he is the quintissential face of tennis, someone who brought everything to the table, his A-game and the ability to excite fans. Plus he seems like such a stand up guy, as evidenced by the three extended standing ovations from three different groups of people (the fans, his fellow players, the media) today. I remember being a kid and watching him play exhibition matches at the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles, over 15 years ago. No really, I love this guy. I hope he takes up coaching or something.

4. Robb Todd of 8o8 blog fame wrote up an article on the MTV Video Music Awards, check it out. But I must pass on his own warning: "In the interest of journalistic transparency, I must reveal that I just bought a Crock Pot. What's worse, I'm really excited about it." I too am excited about his crock pot, but only because I plan to one day drop by his apartment unannounced and reap the culinary benefits of it. Oh and raid his bar. But that's kind of a given.

5. I like to think I'm pretty open-minded about the whole breastfeeding in public debate. I figure a woman should be able to feed her baby when he's hungry. But a little discretion goes a long way. We were at The Olive Garden the other day and some woman fed her baby at the table, then burped him, put him down, rummaged around in her purse for a bit, wiped his mouth, had a conversation, rummaged around in her bag some more and THEN tucked her tits back into her shirt. Yes, the biological purpose of breasts are to nurture children. But the biological function of the penis is to create children, and the biological function of the female genitalia is to create and deliver children, yet I don't want any of those next to my Fettucine Alfredo either.

6.If you hate Myspace you're going to hate Catch-27 even more. There's something intruiging though about the idea of trading people like they're a commodity. Oh who am I kidding. Like most bloggers I'm self-absorbed and just like to fill out questionaires about myself.

7. My current cause is to boycott Burger King. That's my official contribution to better society. I am boycotting Burger King in protest of their using that greedy fool Drew Rosenhaus (T.O.'s agent) in their commercials. There's no way in hell they should be rewarding such scum for his greed. Of course, I'm already keeping away from fast food so this boycott is no skin off my back. But it's the principle. Okay I'm just fucking around but still, shame on Burger King.

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