October 5, 2006

More Stuff

More Stuff

1. Bear with me people, I'm on the tail-end of a 6-day-long headache. It's not as bad as it was in the beginning but I'm still having trouble concentrating.

2. Hooray for the two Americans who won the Nobel Prize for Medicine recently. I figure we as a society cheer on people who win insignificant awards like the Oscars or the Emmys (just Kiefer though but still) so it's only right to cheer on these two. They should have a red carpet event, we could go and cheer on the sidelines and ask the professors to sign our computer-generated photos of Ribonucleic acid. Like that Payton Manning commercial, "You're my favorite accountant!"

3. Geo and I hosted a board game dinner party last week, and by "Geo and I" I really mean me, with Geo finding out about it the day before. Min couldn't find her game Taboo so we watched her and Geo play Truth or Dare Jenga (it's an actual game) and called out not-so-helpful suggestions. "Don't pull out that one, pull out the one on top... ohh oops." Afterwards we played Outburst (the card lists a category and 10 answers and your team tries to guess them) with battle of the sexes teams. Naturally the women whooped some sorry Y-chromosome ass, because that's how we roll. (Come on, you didn't think MY team was going to lose in a game that involves talking as much as possible right?)

4. Does anyone else laugh out loud at the commercials where the apples are trying to kick it to the pears and one of them says "Hey, are you Jamaican? Because jamaican me crazy!!!"

5. I bit this off Girlie, it's a website that lets you map where you've been and where you want to go. Here are the states I've been to:

And the countries I've been to:

And want I want my visited countries map to look like (at the very least) one day:

Travel is at the bottom of the list of things I care about right now, but if I had endless amounts of money it'd be fun for the kiddos to see new things and experience different cultures. And it would be fun to eat a whole lot of different foods. At last, we get to the real reason why I would visit these places. Speaking of travel, my very favorite travel story in the entire world has nothing to do with me leaving New Jersey. Like 5 years ago I got a call from my little sister Leah and the conversation went something like this...

Leah: Hi I'm back!
Me: Yay, how was it backpacking through Europe?
Leah: It was really amazing. Did you get the postcard I sent you from Germany?
Me: No...
Leah: You didn't, are you sure?
Me: I didn't get any postcard.
Leah: Oh. I must not have put the right address then.
Me: What address did you put?
Leah: Well I was really drunk so I think I may have put "Riss's House, New Jersey" and then mailed it.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Man I love my sister.

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