October 22, 2006

Party Peoples

Party Peoples

This past weekend we went to two birthday celebrations for Tony (spoiled, who gets two birthday parties), Morpheus's Halloween costume party and a pumpkin picking party for our friend Ryan's daughter. So you know, I'm too tired to think of proper segues. I'm just going to post up pictures and list random thoughts about it.

No, I don't know why so many guys in this picture are holding up
the sign for two. It could be the amount of drinks they've had at
that point or perhaps how many children they want to have.

In case anyone is wondering about the awful expression on
my face, it's my "Okay don't blink don't blink don't blink" look.

Jersey City has quite a few Muslims in the neighborhood and they weren't
too pleased when the guy in the middle walked his dogs while in costume.
It could have been Morpheus following him with a blindfold and electrical
wires though (not really). Yes I know, going to hell.

There's also a picture of me grabbing its chainsaw-wielding balls.

Geo borrowed a real ninja sword from Morpheus so I borrowed this for mine.

I would leave Geo if he ever tried stuff like this at home. Luke once
dressed up like a ninja then hid behind the fridge and Girlie almost died
of a heart attack. Aud was on the phone with her at the time and she
thought the screams meant someone was murdering her.

I told Geo beforehand that I was going to take a picture with the guy
in the Steve Irwin costume and label it "I hate this guy." He was nice
though, and also Australian like his fallen mate.

1. Tony's party was held at the Canal Room in New York, which I actually liked. Mike and Geo were miserable, they hate clubs. The ones I hate are the ones that pack in a few thousand people. I haven't been to one of those in about five years and I'd rather listen to an 8-hour debate on why curtains are better than Venetian blinds than ever go to one of those again.

2. I can't believe New York City has banned smoking in clubs but not well drinks. Well drinks are the liquid minions of Satan. Well drinks have you puking up organs you have to later stuff back in. Well drinks have you waking up and wondering who the people next to you are (okay not me personally but you get the drift.)

3. People think alcohol completely obliterates my verbal filter but it's simply not true. As evidenced by the following exchange I had on Thursday night. What I actually said:

Me: So what do you think of that?
Random wannabe Black Panther guy: *I* don't judge people.
Me: Oh come on, EVERYONE sometimes makes judgements even if they try not to.
Random wannabe Black Panther guy: I don't.
Me: Well I do. You're a much better person than all the rest of us. Have a nice night.

What I totally could have said:

Me: So what do you think of that?
Random wannabe Black Panther guy: *I* don't judge people.
Me: You self-important, pseudo-intellectual ass. You think "I don't judge people" makes you sound enlightened but all it does is make you look like a smarmy little idiot. You saying "I don't judge people, that's wrong" is a judgement in itself. Like how I am judging the distance from my foot to your ass.

4. Morpheus spent an insane amount of money on Halloween decorations for the party. There were statues, hanging psychotic clowns, cobwebs, severed limbs, scary paintings, you name it. His dogs even had costumes. The partygoers were awesome though, they really came dressed to the nines. Only one party pooper came dressed as something lame like "baseball fan" or something. One guy scared the crap out of me though, he was dressed in a suit like The Joker and had his face painted. He would just stand quietly here and there. I avoided him like the plague.

5. Last year we had about 4 pumpkins rotting in our car for a month. Pumpkin picking for us this year consisted of walking our daughters to the pile of apple-sized pumpkins and saying "Which one are you picking?"

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