November 7, 2006

Just For Grimsies

Just For Grimsies

As most of you know, today, November 7th is a very important day for Americans. Millions of people have been waiting for today, a most auspicious occasion. Calendars have had this date circled since the moment 2006 calendars were available for purchase.

WHY is it so important, some of you who have been living under a rock may ask?

It is important because today is the day that the wonderful company known as Red Octane released GUITAR HERO 2. Yes, you read that right. What did you people think I was going to say?

Geo finally made it home from Best Buy this evening, despite annoying calls every three minutes to determine his whereabouts, from someone who shall remain nameless. "Where are you now? Still?" "Now where are you? Why is that light so long?"

In a word, the game is AWESOME. The game is also brilliant, amazing, wonderful, splendiferous, off the hizzy, fo shizzle mah nizzle and the greatest creation since creme brulee. Okay wait, I'm going too far. Creme brulee has carmelized brown sugar on it for Pete's sake, what the hell can compete with that. I would eat dead mice if they were carmelized with brown sugar. Okay back to GH2.

Red Octane made a bunch of changes that really enhance the playing experience. New things I like so far:
  • The songs are harder and the change up between notes is more complicated. And there's more of them.
  • There's an option to play the bass line or the guitar. The bass line is super easy but it's still fun to play because you have to tune out the guitar riffs and focus on the bass.
  • People can play different levels against each other, so one can play Expert while the other practices with an easier level. No more sitting through boring ass Medium or Hard while teaching someone how to play.
  • TRIPLE CHORDS. Insanity.
  • The high scores in "Career" transfer to "Quick Play" so the leaderboard is always accurate.
  • Detailed stats breaking down how you did in different parts of the song.

There's also a practice section, so people can focus on the more difficult parts of each song by slowing it down. That would have totally helped with the beginning riffs of "Cowboys From Hell" in the first Guitar Hero. Well maybe not, since I'm one of those lazy people that doesn't study, practice anything nor read manuals and still manages to get by (kinda). So the practice option is useless for me, my pride won't let me use it.

The first set of songs comes open and ready to play, but like the first Guitar Hero you have to play the songs of each set all the way through to unlock the next set. If you make too many mistakes, you fail the song. In the first game my favorite songs to play were "Infected" by Bad Religion, "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand and "Killer Queen" by Queen. So far I've only unlocked up to the fourth set of songs on Expert level of Guitar Hero 2 (couldn't play that much because Friday Night Lights was on) but already I'm loving "Message In A Bottle" (The Police) and "Strutter" (Kiss) and of course "Sweet Child of Mine." Incidentally, the title of this post is the name of me and Geo's Guitar Hero band.

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure you all know why you won't be able to reach me on here, or via e-mail or by phone for awhile. Just kidding. No I'm not.

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