February 26, 2007

24 Season Six: Hour Eleven

24 Season Six: Hour Eleven
(Don't have much this week, missed snippets here and there. I'm hoping Kwame can pick up the slack, if he was even able to watch it being that he's a new daddy and all!)

1. You know it's bad when Jack has to say "Marilyn, you have to go" which loosely translated means "Hey Dead Brother's Wife, I know we've swapped bodily fluids in the past but right now I am trying to stop nuclear bombs from exploding so can you please stop eyefucking me and get in the car. Thanks."

2. It was fun to watch President Wayne get all gangsta on the random ambassador from whatever random Middle Eastern country. In my head he said "Don't make me smack a bitch."

3. Even when she's just doing her job, Nadia is annoying as hell. It's probably because it isn't exactly apparent yet what exactly she does. She doesn't do anything technical. She doesn't make decisions. She doesn't do paperwork. She doesn't go in the field. She doesn't interrogate anyone, prepare clearance packages or answer the phone. What exactly does she do again?

4. Where did the Jack business suit magically come from? It was probably in the man bag, along with his usual flash bangs, grenades, semis and surface-to-air rocket launcher.

5. I think my 7-year-old nephew could have built a better bomb than that, but it seems to have done some damage.

Okay this cracked me up. And also makes me smile because I heart Jack and Shabe!

And here is my boy, of course picking up my slack...

Kwame's 24 Thoughts

This might have been the first episode this season that didn't really keep my interest. Maybe this episode was just lame or it could have been because my wife and daughter were both asleep on me at the same time, rendering me helpless for two hours. Thank God I have strong bladder control and shows from last week still on my DVR.

1. Sorry Marilyn, Jack is not going back with you to CTU. There will be no heavy petting in the situation room, at least not this hour.

2. When Jack put his hand on Marilyn's cheek and said "I see you in him, it's his eyes" I pictured him saying in his head "18 months in a Chinese prison and I STILL got game."

3. Okay I'm getting to the point where I want Morris openly mixing drinks at his desk just so we can move past this story line. The first person he should offer a shot of tequila to is Nadia. (Editor's note: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA at the thought of Morris opening a bar from his workstation. "Hmmm... what would go down just right with a few clearance packages? Oh yes, I'll take a Jack and Coke please. What, I'll be working with Nadia? Make that a double.")

4. Nadia is extremely annoying. Good to see Buchannan shut her down with a cold "Your opinion is noted Nadia." She's that girl that would go to extreme measures to try and get other kids to get in trouble with the teacher back in 4th grade.

Nadia: Ms. Jackson, Mike is using a brown crayon.
Teacher: That's ok Nadia.
Nadia: But you said to use COPPER, not BROWN!! *tears*

5. I too questioned the random, well-tailored and pressed Jack Bauer suit. I also question how well groomed Jack is at this point. The guy has been running around California trying to capture family members, defusing bombs, rescuing people from burning helicopters and kicking terrorists through subway doors but he looks freshly moisturized and exfoliated, with his hair perfectly in place.

6. Chad Mole and John Cage have a "Single White Female" dynamic developing.

7. Never have I been so unmoved by a President facing death. Even the random President that got injured when Air Force One got shot down (the Nuclear Football season) whose name I forget moved me more than Wayne Palmer getting injured. (Ed's note: Hey, that President rocked. Remember those scenes with his son?)

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