March 8, 2007

24 Season Six: Hour Twelve

24 Season Six: Hour Twelve
(Better late than never eh?)

1. Logan said that because he's been under house arrest at his estate, he understands what it must have been like for Jack to be in a Chinese prison for 18 months. That's like someone saying they know what it feels like to be stabbed because they've gotten a splinter.

2. I felt nothing when they showed President Wayne on the surgical table. When President Palmer got assassinated it was like a punch in the gut.

3. Jack is too cool for sarcasm. When Logan said "I'm only trying to help" I would have been like "Roooiiiight. That bullet to David Palmer's forehead was mighty helpful. Thanks for that."

4. How did the Russian Consulate actor get his left eye to twitch like that on demand? Logan would ask him a question, the Consulate would lie and then his eye would actually twitch. It was pretty nifty. Talk about method acting.

5. Jack learned something from the Chinese embassy fiasco apparently, since he had Chloe take out the power and thus the surveillance cameras. By the way, that's all it takes to break into a foreign embassy surrounded with armed guards, just tell them someone told you to guard the back of the building?

6. I felt an extreme moment of envy when Karen was watching the news on her cell phone. I'm just happy when my cell gets service.

7. Is it wrong that I got a little turned on by watching Jack torture someone while in a business suit? It's like the "hot librarian" phenomenon for men, multiplied by a hundred because this hot librarian could kill you with a post-it note. I'm a bit bothered though, did the writers have Jack thinking he was just going to walk out of the room after chopping the Russian Consulate's finger off and things would be cool?

8. As part of Lennox's new rules limiting civil liberties, are they going to detain Nadia? Because you know, I'm not certain she'll be able to take her John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Light Reflecting Conditioner with her.

9. Apparently John Cage's inability to be stealthy is infectious, since the Random Russian Agent caught it. In the future, when reporting your own Consulate for terrorist activities while actually IN the Russian embassy, check to make sure no one's behind you and that you closed the door.

10. In between briefings and cabinet meetings, the Vice-President is putting it to that blonde in the conference room.

Kwame's 24 Thoughts

24: Hour Something Something

1. It is comical that nobody notices that Reid/Chad Mole is just hanging out messing with his cell phone, while everyone is rushing around to secure the injured President. And seriously, there are no surveillance cameras in that room? I still feel nothing knowing that Fake President Palmer is hurt.

2. You know how sometimes you say something stupid like "I'm so poor" then you see something on television about legitimately poor people and you feel stupid? Well that's how Logan had to feel when mentioning how bad it is to be under house arrest when Jack is about 15 hours removed from being tortured in some dreary prison in China. Yeah Logan, being stuck at home watching reruns of Law and Order is cruel and unusual punishment.

3. The scene when Tom, Chad Mole and the other ultra Patriot guy come stumbling out of that boiler room looked like they just finished having a crazy threesome. It was like Girls Gone Wild but with White House staff guys. (Editor's note: Hey that would be a great name for a gay pron, "White House Staffs.")

4. The more they show her the more I remember that I'm not really a fan of Karen Hayes. She's that girlfriend that you are nice to because she is dating one of your boys (in this case Bill Buchanan.)

5. It still baffles me that when Jack's name is mentioned, people don't immediately know who he is. When Bill says "Logan is being escorted by Jack Bauer" to the Vice President he should say something like "Oh we are in fine hands then. By the way, when did we get him out of China?"

6. When the Russian consulate guy kept talking about "Sovereignty" Jack should have said something like "Sovereignty, Shmovreignty give up the info or you going to start losing little piggies." I wonder if that guy's pinky is still on the floor. (Ed's note: When this guy accidentally chopped his finger off in college, we had to look for it then pack it in ice. So I assume his pinky is in a cup of ice.)

7. I hate it when the bad guy gets that cheap stomach punch in after his boys have jumped the good guy and he's helpless. Just bugs me. (Ed's note: Word.)

8. They are really making Jack slip this season. In seasons past he would have somehow gotten the location of the Russian guy to CTU immediately.

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