March 22, 2007

Random Stuff Take 456

Random Stuff Take 456

1. First and foremost, Happy Belated 31st Birthday to Stevie! This is just a formality though since we spent his birthday doing the Advance Course with Landmark. Steve has said a bunch of things that have killed me in the past few months, but my favorites are:

Steve: I really want to sleep in the car on the way to Hartford but I know my boss will want to talk. Maybe I could somehow convince him I have auto necrophilia.
Me: Auto NECROPHILIA? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Like, that you randomly get into cars and have sex with dead people or were you thinking narcolepsy?

Abel: Here's one of those coins we were telling you about, the Sacajaweas.
Steve: Did you just say "sack of Jews?"


Search - "I have a big bug and I cannot lie"

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