June 18, 2007

Random Stuff: Take 421636

Random Stuff: Take 421636

1. They way we live in and around New York City is just insane, as in what we accept as normal. JFK airport is 23.1 miles away from my house. Due to traffic it routinely takes upwards of two hours to get there. To go 23 miles. Yet this is "normal." How much of people's lives must be spent in traffic? At least on the bus or train you can read a book, solve a crossword puzzle or do actual work.

2. CNN has been making me laugh lately. Every time they talk about a missing white person now, they make sure to then spend an equal time talking about a missing black person. I picture news producers en masse, frantically sifting through the wires for any indication that a black person has gone missing so they can run their story about the white person who is missing.

3. Things have come up with our housing situation and so the crux of it is that sometime in the next few months (by the end of September) I will either be back in the workforce or living in Los Angeles for awhile. I'd move with the girls and we'd either come back after a few months or Geo would move out to Cali. It's almost amusing but I never intended to live on the East Coast for that long. I came here after graduating college in 1997 and the game plan was that after my ex was finished with last couple of years of his engineering major, we would move back to my home town of Los Angeles. Ten years later and I am somehow still here. But now, faced with the actual possibility of moving "back home" I'm actually bummed out about it. Which seems absolutely stupid. Don't get me wrong, I would absolutely love to be near my parents and sister and college friends again. I just wanted them all to move HERE. Yeah I know, could I BE more selfish. I love love love L.A. *insert song here* but remember what it was like growing up there and I don't want that for my girls. Who would want their kids to get shot at and almost kidnapped three times. Anyway don't mind me, I'm just musing out loud.

4. I'm hungry. I'm always hungry though. We went to a buffet yesterday and I ate fried chicken, collard greens, french fries, mashed potatoes with two types of gravy, buttered corn, steak, popcorn shrimp, coleslaw, spinach quiche, fried okra, potato and corn chowder, plus some ice cream and fudge sundae cake. About an hour after, I started rooting through Manny and Janelle's cupboards looking for a snack.

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