January 24, 2002

Fry Guy

Late last Sunday night (in between the second and third alcohol winds) Manny, Mike C, George, Aris and I were watching "Adult Swim" on the Cartoon Network and we unanimously decided that cartoons geared towards adults are made by people who are high. There was some cartoon on whose protagonists were a McDonald's-esque carton of fries, a milkshake and a raw patty of beef named "Meat Wad." It was insane. There was this one scene where the Floating Fry Guy (I don't remember his name) was behind the counter at the department store trying on cologne and Mr. Milkshake (I don't remember his name) was jealous because he was behind the counter in the forbidden zone so Meat Wad turned himself into a meat bridge complete with stairs so Mr. Milkshake could go behind the counter too. It was so weird and I was like "Who comes up with these things" but then the light bulb flashed. Potheads are pretty creative...they're incapable of connecting the VCR to the TV but can build a pipe out of three paper clips and a gum wrapper. I mean come on....you KNOW Matt Stone and Trey Parker are smoking some good ass shit. Look at the professor guy's weird little "experiment gone wrong" midget... the Bobby Ewing Sasquatch... Satan and Saddam having post-coital conversations...

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