February 12, 2002

Buffy and Today's Thoughts

Buffy and Today's Thoughts

According to some quiz on MSN.com the most "never-married" men in the United States live in San Jose, California. I don't know if the motivating force behind that is the fact that so many men there have demanding tech jobs or if San Jose men just dislike marriage. I'll have to ask my friends Eric and Jon-Jon. I'm sure they'll come up with some interesting theories, especially if they're under the influence.

My dog Nookie thinks he's a cat. I've never seen a dog lick himself so much. His paws are softer than a baby's ass even though he goes outside several times a day. Ten minutes ago I looked at him and he had his entire right front paw in his mouth. Okay he just farted...good Lord dog, what the hell did you eat?? I guess Kibbles and Bits gves you mad gas.

I'm watching the news right now. Top story is about 7 teenage girls at some center for troubled teens, who beat the shit out of their guidance counselor. Then they poured rubbing alcohol on her...then set her on fire... then poured chlorinated bleach on her burns. I know...that's an awful lot of "thens." Ironically, the name of the center is Mount Pleasant. When the girls were arraigned they left the courtroom laughing. Yeah, can you say "string 'em up?" Sorry to be so cynical but anyone that can do that at the age of 16 is beyond redemption. That's the bitch that's going to shoot people in the face after her pimp robs them. I say just get rid of them now and save some innocent lives. Yeah right. Actually what will most likely happen is they'll get 10 years and serve 2...welcome to America, where the civil rights of monsters always outweigh the rights of victims.

Apparently a new study shows that Viagra makes you smart. Apparently it results in added production of brain cells. That makes sense I guess...you figure Viagra makes all the blood rush to the penis, thus depriving the brain of blood. As a defense mechanism to compensate, more brain cells are created to take up the slack. Hahaha I don't know if that's true or not but it sounds pretty damn funny.

During a recent speech, Ted Turner referred to the September 11 hijackers as "brave" and stated that the reason they did what they did is because people are living in hunger all over the world while we are a capitalist nation. People can make a legitimate case for the latter, citing the economic sanctions on Iraq etc. But Ted Turner making those comments? The guy is a fucking billionaire, even after he donated one billion dollars to the ineffectual United Nations (I don't know how this guy made his money, if his business decisions mirror that idiotic move). Anyway I hope someone has an opportunity to point out to Ted that the only reason he can bang women 40 years younger than him is because of his money, and the only reason he has that money is because of the capitalism he claims to despise. I really hate hypocrites.

By the way Rick, is that your school (Fairfield College in Connecticut) that had the guy with the bomb who held people hostage yesterday?

Some thoughts on Buffy The Vampire Slayer

1. First and foremost they need to re-write the Buffy and Spike storyline. I'm a little tired of him being so sweet and risking his non-life for her nightly and her treating him like garbage. I don't understand how she wasn't too good for that pansy Angel AND that faggot ass Riley, but she's too good for Spike who is better than both of them combined times a hundred. The math doesn't add up:

Given: Spike> 100(Angel + Riley)
Given: Angel = Buffy = Riley
Conclusion: Buffy>Spike

Huh?? That doesn't make mathematical sense!! Didn't Joss Wheadon take math or logic in high school?

2. Is it me or is the rest of the supporting cast (other than Anya and Dawn) complete losers? Anya is the only one there who ever has any balls and Willow, Xander and Tara spend most of their time ganging up on her when she tells the truth and/or disagrees with them. Willow is supposedly a recovering witch, she got addicted to her powers and now can't use any of it at all. She even belongs to some idiotic group called "Spellcasters Anonymous" (yes, the LOSER ALARM is currently beeping off the meter). So in tonight's episode they all get trapped in Buffy's house by a Vengeance Demon and some other killer demon keeps bursting out of the walls and trying to cut them down with a huge sword. The one person who has the power to help them is Willow but she refuses to help because she's afraid she won't be able to control herself. Um yeah. Okay, witchcraft is something one practices, not a controlled substance which enters your system and wreaks havoc. The fact that she can't keep control of her own actions to save the lives of the people she loves most in the world makes her the weakest, most pathetic person on television.

3. Buffy is a decently intelligent person (not the brightest lamp in the store but not the dimmest) with a good personality and good looks....you're telling me the only job she can get is at some ghetto fast food joint?? She can't even get a job at Rampage or Bebe or something? I find that difficult to believe. They're making her unnecessarily pitiful. How can Freddie Prinze Jr.'s future wife and mother of his children be flipping burgers and saying shit like "Would you like fries with your order?"

Quote of the day: "My mom is worrying me ...she's awake doing some shit in the kitchen. She's up to something....I can feel the trifling vibrations."

Well my work here is finished for tonight, I must go watch The Maltese Falcon. My boss gave me the DVD for Christmas and everytime I've tried to watch it I get stymied by something. My friends will call and want to go out or someone will want to watch something else. So tonight it's going to happen, come hell or high water.

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