February 19, 2002

Figure skating, Filipino movies, IKEA, James Bond and Buffy

Figure skating, Filipino movies, IKEA, James Bond and Buffy

I admit to feeling a certain anticipatory pleasure that women's figure skating is beginning tonight. I know, how typically Asian that I plan to root for Michelle Kwan. I just want people to get off her back!! Let a skater skate!! Just kidding. But I really couldn't vote for some of the people. I mean Irina Slutskaya has the word "slut" in her name for God's sake...how am I supposed to cheer THAT?

Some Random Thoughts: I keep ending up on Filipino message boards where (Filipino) people complain that there is yet to be a well-written mainstream movie that accurately depicts the trials, tribulations, petty grievances, heartaches, laughs and triumphs that characterize Filipino-American lives. I feel I am up to this task, but only if I stop fucking around on this wretched blog. "I'll keep you posted..." See.....already a setback and I haven't even left the paragraph yet.

I was in IKEA this weekend and let me just tell you, IKEA is the Kingdom of Non-Essential Items You Convince Yourself You Need. I walked out of there with another purple hamper to match the one I already have ("I can put another one in the bathroom")... a wall-mounted cascading rack for magazines... a big wooden bowl ("I don't really eat salad but I could put the garlic and the potatoes in this")... 6 wooden picture frames to match the 800 frames I already have all over the apartment ("I can paint these lilac and celadon")... and a little silver hanging bucket I said I was going to put my toothbrush and toothpaste in, but ended up using for the three pens I have.

Funny scene from Buffy tonight:
Nerd 1: "Roger Moore was the best 007"
Nerd 2: "Shut up."
Nerd 3: "I liked Timothy Dalton"
*geek scuffle*
Nerd 3: "Timothy Dalton should get an Oscar and beat Sean Connery over the head with it!!"

Funny as hell yo... By the way, am I the only person who thinks Pierce Brosnan is doing a great job as James Bond? I mean for God's sake he was Remington Steel!! In the evolution of his career, James Bond is the natural progression from there. I Hate to sound blasphemous to the Sean Connery bandwagon, but Brosnan's the only 007 there's been that is actually believable as a guy who's nails a different chic everytime the little hand hits an even number.

Okay they just showed scenes from next week's Buffy and they're bringing Riley back AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate him!!!!!! Talk about the biggest faggot to ever walk the WB next to Dawson. He was worse than Angel....Riley made me want to tear my hair out and stuff it down my throat to end my misery. And they're bringing him back. Well I guess now that Buffy is on UPN he can be the biggest faggot ever to walk UPN.

Irina Slutskaya is on... I forgot they don't do as much interesting stuff in the women's figure skating short program. She was boooooooooooooooooring though, all technical no grace. But a perennial favorite so she automatically gets high marks. So goes the world of figure skating. Oooh here comes Michelle Kwan, I'm nervous!! YES!! She nailed it, she's in first *Balky Bartocamus dance of joy* Oh my god, just saw a commercial and Joey is telling Rachel he's in love with her next week on Friends. *awed silence*

Favorite message board posting of the day:

"By the way everyone I looooooooved G.I. Joe and I can't believe there was no room for it on my Top 5. Stupid person, whoever created this thread....oh it was me. Okay Um...Top 6 anyone?? "YO JOE!!!!!!!!!" Man, the Baroness was my idol. She was so ruthless. She used to sell out Destro and the Cobra Commander on a daily basis hahaha. She was the best female character on there (not to knock Scarlet, LadyJ and Cover Girl or anything)."

Okay back to Buffy. Then I can finally finish this book I've been trying to read since I got home.

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