January 19, 2005

Random Afternoon Thoughts

Random Afternoon Thoughts

1. My friend Wende passed around a link to a bathroom survey which made me laugh. I've never thought so much about my bathroom habits before. Incidentally, you people who only "wipe until MOST of it's gone" are disgusting.

2. I learned something new the other day. Mexican-bottled tequila does not ever get bottled with a worm. Only mezcal does, sometimes. Makes sense. The few times I've actually done the worm, was once at Miss Saigon in Jersey City (is that where it was T?) And the other times were in some dinghy, disgusting hole-in-the-wall in Tijuana which is a tourist trap. Not exactly places where you're bound to pick up some highbrow tequila (snicker). I've tried Patron a bunch of times and in all honesty, I'm not as impressed with it as everyone else seems to be. I just don't understand the concept of smooth tequila. It's like flag football. It's like how people are always talking about Moet and Cristal. Hello... champagne is disgusting. I only drink champagne when there is literally, no other liquor available. Like it's 4am and everything else is gone except this flat bottle of Korbel Brut.

And don't get me started on that fruit-flavored tequila Sauza. I assume it's tailored towards margaritas, but you know what I always say about margaritas. Waste of fucking liquid. Then again I can be a liquor Neanderthal sometimes. I used to drink 40's of OE for God's sake, you would think I'd worship Guinness now. Nope. The ones Mike J leaves behind in my fridge remain untouched until he returns. Hear that people? I don't exercise my Food Rights of Salvage when it's Guinness. Everything else is fair game though.

3. I love that THX thing in surround sound before you watch a movie. Sometimes it's the best part of the movie.

4. Russ in Texas sent me an article on how private donors have made it possible for LSU to build a 3-million-dollar habitat for their MASCOT. I'm glad that Louisiana State has their priorities intact. It's not like that's a frivolous waste of fucking money or anything. Hopefully after it's done, private donors will also be able to donate more money for the tiger's diamond-encrusted water bowls and daily diet of 6-year-old Burmese (Myanmarese?) orphans.

5. I watched a bit of Trading Spouses the other day and I must say I was a bit disappointed. The show wasn't about what I thought it was going to be about at all. Neither was Wife Swap.

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