November 1, 2006

Yet More Things About My Friends

Yet More Things About My Friends

It's been awhile since my last one.

Longtime readers might remember my friend Audrey, from the time we dressed up as presents to win IKEA gift cards or the time we invaded a fire house or our random conversations about the depravity of buying KFC chicken without side orders. Well, she and her husband just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She even sent out pictures, allegedly to show off her baby but most likely to quell rumors that it would be born with horns. I love you Aud, congratulations!!

Geo just got contacts and I'm not used to seeing his face without glasses. At Tony's birthday party he walked up to the group of people I was observing and I thought "Who is that guy, he's cute. Oh it's my husband." Hee. Geo has a very nice face and I love seeing it. But I also have a fetish for men in spectacles.

Girlie is going to the Philippines in December for a visit. Meaning she will be consuming lechon kawali, lumpia, palabok, buko pandan and melon juice on her trip. Okay so I'm jealous.

Kwame has a sports blog called "Beyond Boxscores" that he recently started. It is really, really good. Most people have something they should be doing instead of what they are currently doing. Abel told me last night that it would have been awesome to see me as a lawyer (something I hear pretty often, usually from the people arguing with me.) Kwame's true calling is that he should be a sports writer, or a sports commentator. I've never met anyone who knew as much about sports AND wasn't pretentious about it AND was humorous AND had an innate quality about him that made people want to hear more. And I met a lot of people in the sports industry while at the NBA.

Tony and I were so drunk at his birthday party that we had no idea whose camera we were using to take random pictures of everyone. So we called up Mike (who was sober the whole time) and asked whose camera it was, because we wanted copies of the pics. He replied that it was Tony's. HEE!

Abel is taking a class next semester called "Crime in the Movies." Damn college has come a long way in terms of interesting-ness (yeah, not a word so sue me.) The only "hip" class around when I was in college was "American Popular Music" (or so I thought before I actually took it.) The professor spent 10 weeks discussing some shit called "rockabilly" and "bluegrass." Boring as hell.

Ben is an animator for a popular gaming company, but in his spare time he likes to create animations of gods from the tribal mythologies of the Philippines. Here's a peek at his current work in progress, a depiction of Ginton, the T'Boli god of metallurgy. Interestingly enough, the T'Boli gods are like the Greek gods in that they married their siblings and procreated as well, without any ick factor prohibiting it.

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