December 14, 2006

"Four Score and Seven Years Ago..."

"Four Score and Seven Years Ago..."

My darling husband Geo was born.

Okay, not really. It's actually one-and-a-half score and three years ago.


The picture on the left is what Geo looked like when he was without sin.
One minute after the picture was taken he coveted thy neighbor's wife because
her boobs looked especially full of dairy products and the rest is history.

Apparently, I never finished my 100 Things About Geo list which included another 20 things on his last birthday, so here are the last 30 things:

1. Geo no longer only drinks Seagram's 7 on the rocks, he now only drinks Johnny Black. Liquor snob.
2. His power celebrity threesome would be with Jessica Alba and Josie Maran (the model not the pron star). I would be handling the video camera, because they're on my Top 10 . Though it took this:

Geo: I don't think I'd do it really.
Me: What?? What do you mean you wouldn't bang them? *I* would bang them, just so I could say I did it.
Geo: True, you would. Okay put them on there.

3. People think he's a cyborg but really the simple secret to why he can do so many things is perseverance and patience. If he can't do something well, he practices until he can.
4. Geo has been both sky-diving and bungee jumping, but refuses to do either ever again.
5. His current favorite song is a random club song called "Running Water."
6. But he HATES going to clubs, though he sets foot in one about twice a year for random birthday celebrations.
7. Also, he admits the song is fruity.
8. Geo doesn't really watch a lot of television, but he watches Heroes and Friday Night Lights with me every week. And of course, 24.
9. He used to smoke Marlboro Menthol Lights, but last April 15th he quit smoking, after twelve years.
10. If he could only wear one color for the rest of his life (that isn't black) he would pick navy blue.
11. Geo once fell off the top of a telephone pole, when he worked for Bell Atlantic.
12. He owns about 80 T-shirts.
13. His favorite one is the Green Lantern shirt. Which is technically mine, not that I ever get to wear it (thanks anyway Tony).
14. His favorite current NFL players are LT and Tiki Barber.
15. While other people usually want ponies, Geo wants a penguin.
16. If he could own a house in any American city, he would pick Moorestown, New Jersey. (I would pick somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, so apparently we'd be living in different places. Just kidding.)
17. If he could vacation anywhere in the world, he would go to Italy and New Zealand.
18. Geo used to be very fastidious about his cars, he even kept a feather duster in the glove compartment.
19. This ended when he started having to drive 6 hours a day for work, and the back seat piled up with empty White Castle, Dunkin Donuts and McDonald's containers.
20. Geo is allergic to a bunch of random fruits. Apples, honeydew melons and cantaloupe make his mouth turn red and swell up.
21. He still eats them.
22. Geo's dream garage has a black, Porsche Carrera GT. And a black H1. Geo is car-ist, he only likes black cars.
23. If he was ever sentenced to death, his last meal would be The Olive Garden's Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo. Although, considering all the news about The Olive garden today, that particular last meal might remove the need for a lethal injection.
24. He's pretty law-abiding though, so his crime punishable by death would be something like "jaywalking" or "expired registration tags."
25. Also, he has instant scathing words for people who pretentiously mock his beloved Olive Garden.
26. His favorite cereal is "O's" though I have yet to see a box in our house.
27. Geo never had a bachelor party, which he doesn't care about but I feel bad about.
28. He doesn't care because he doesn't like going to strip clubs. It's a dislike based on financial reasons, not moral reasons. "What's the point of paying a stripper all that money just to look at her when you can go to a bar, pick someone up and actually do stuff with her."
29. Geo thinks parenthood is the most amazing thing ever.
30. He rocks. No seriously, he does. I can't say this enough.

I'll tell you guys tomorrow what me, Tony and Mike J got him for his birthday. In case he's snooping around here, sneaky sneakerson.

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