December 22, 2006

Two Dreams

Two Dreams

First off, some people claim that people dream in black and white but assign colors when they remember it. This makes no sense to me, as I wake up sometimes fixated on a colored item from the dream. You see, think and daydream in color. When your mind is left to its own devices, why wouldn't it rely on the familiar? Anyway, here are my last two dreams. As with my other dreams, they're a little bizarre.

I went to visit my parents in Los Angeles, then I was supposed to hitch a ride with my ex-boyfriend Gerald to San Francisco and visit my college friends. The house I grew up in is on top of a pretty big hill, and at the bottom is a shopping center. Me and Steve went to hang out in the grocery and for some reason got really wasted in the produce department. Afterwards, we sat in this huge pick-up truck, with Steve doing sobriety tests on himself to prove he can drive and me pointing out that the letter "L" is way after the letter "P" in the backwards alphabet.

My ex-husband drives by, but is so disgusted with how drunk we are that he leaves us there. Bicycles magically appear so we start riding up the hill, but it's really, steep and really long and the bicycles were actually made for 6-year-olds or something because mine still had training wheels. We get to my parents house, Steve disappears and two punks follow me into the house. My parents are just standing there frozen, so I call 911. My ex appears and he's sheperding drugged out people into the bathroom, to hide the fact that he's been getting high in my house. I walk up and start screaming at him, and he knows I just called the police so he stabs me in the hand with a hypodermic needle so that I'll have drugs in my system and get in trouble too. (I feel compelled to state that my ex-husband does not actually do drugs in real life.)

I end up leaving the house before the cops come, Steve magically reappears and we make plans to meet some of his Aussie friends at a party in El Segundo ("I left my wallet in El Segundo.") But when we get there, his friends flake and we don't know a single person there. So I sit down with a group of random chicks and we play Rummikub, amidst a crapload of nail polish bottles that had been wrapped as gifts. The end.

The Mall
I'm shopping at a mall with my friend Cheryl and a girl I knew in high school, Tobi. We end up going through double doors and climbing a really, really, really tall wrought iron staircase, like when you climb into the torch in the Statue of Liberty. The walls are mango-colored and every ten steps or so, I write the words "FALSE START" magically in the air in black capital letters. At the top of the staircase is a freeway entrance, and the cars racing by have my sorority's Greek letters on them. We ride around in a car for awhile, but then go back to the staircase. Some guy that looks like Jude Law starts chasing us, making weird jokes about the FALSE START letters.

We run back into the mall, split up and hide. The guy chasing us can somehow see through our eyes, so I try to pick a place that has no discerning markers. Like how on CSI they look at pictures and use technology to figure out where it was taken. I lay flat on my stomach and hide behind this pile of clothes on the floor in a store, and the guy comes in with a midget that looks like the one on Fantasy Island. They eventually leave, but then the plot of the dream changes. Now, me, Geo and Abel are hanging out in this store which has some couches int he front. Another guy comes in and starts chit-chatting with us about some guy we know but don't care about named Brian.

Brian walks in, pissed and decks the guy. He then walks up to Geo, who isn't even looking at him, takes out this leather drawstring pouch with a beaded handle and hits Geo across the face with it. The pouch makes a loud sound because it's filled with gold coins. Geo whips around and is throwing a punch but a bunch of store employees grab him to break up the fight. I get freaked out because I hate it when this shit happens in real life, people break up a fight and only restrain one person, leaving the other free to do whatever they want. I start thinking Brian is going to stab Geo while he's restrained so I jump in front of him and punch him in the windpipe. While he's grabbing at it, I kick him in the balls. Then I grab the back of his head and knee him in the nose, breaking it. He's still trying to get up and punch me so I take his leather pouch and start whipping him in the face with it, right on his broken nose.

Later on we find out the reason he stepped to us was because we knew he was using some rich chick for her money, while dating another one, and he was afraid we were going to tell her.

Please. Why would we do that without offering him the chance to pay us hush money first. We're not monsters.

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