July 26, 2007

Random Stuff: Chapter 49,956

Random Stuff: Chapter 49,956

1. So I got derailed and all by the whole hospital thing but we need to get back to business as usual. And by "business as usual" I actually mean "stuff no one but me cares about."

Drawn by Stevie D. It kind of makes me feel like there's
a bus, train or anvil out there with my name on it.

2. Who wants to talk Harry Potter? I thought JK Rowling tied things up pretty nicely. It was bittersweet to read though, like eating the last chocolate in the box. It's still delicious but you're sad that there's none left. I'd put up a more in-depth review but I'm still bummed the series is over. Seven books sounded like a lot when I was reading the first one. Now I feel like someone handed me two potato chips.

3. Back to the Transformers movie, it was enjoyable. I found the "campy" moments that people complained about amusing. It was a cartoon from the 80's, quite possibly the campiest era of our time. Bumblebee was bad ass, I was skeptical when it was announced he would be a Camaro but they really got that off. My one major complaint with the movie was that there were too many humans, not enough actual Transformers and too much love story crap. I understand that they were also targeting people who have never watched the cartoon, but come on. Chip and Spike were helpful and all but it was always Optimus and posse who saved the day. If they'd eliminated the whole bad-guy-secret-sector-turned-good-guy storyline they could have had time to put in Soundwave.

Drawn by the ever talented Ben Lee. I think I'm going to
legally change the girls' names to Rumble and Frenzy.

4. You know what's worse than stepping in a wet spot while wearing socks? When you're walking along unsuspectingly in a public place and your hand brushes up against something sticky and you have no idea what it is. And yet it's all over your hand. Bleh.

5. Birthdays have never bothered me. I'm pretty straight about them, each one marks the passing of another year you didn't accidentally fall off a cliff or get hit by a runaway train. What's not to like? But for some reason, I never want to actually DO anything for my birthday. It feels like I'm embarrassed to celebrate it (which is ludicrous considering I'm a Leo AND self-absorbed enough to blog). My point is, thanks to Geo for Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's, Tony, Mike and Abel for Starscream, Dance Dance Revolution and the mat, Stevie for the funky fresh Pumas, Mina for the beautiful Lia Sophia bracelet (is a piece of jewelry named "After Party" meant for me or what), Tony for the Patron, my dad for the iPod Video, G for bringing over lots of her infamous carbonara, Matt and Ray for the awesome dinner and wine at Spice Market, the people who sent birthday texts even from Turkey and Australia and Maz for calling me up and going "Whooooo's the birthday girl? Whooooo's the birthday girl??" Ahh fuck, I can't do it justice in words. I should just make a wav file of it. 31 feels good.

Another gem from Ben.

6. For Abel's last birthday me, Geo, Tony, Steve and Mike got him a dragon tattoo from the same guy who did my phoenix. It's pretty damn awesome. I'm excited because he and I have been talking about having matching tattoos for about 12 years. I want to toss a clearer picture on here but I don't have one (*cough*).

6. Yesterday I walked 40 blocks and 8 avenues. In platform heels. Not all at once though. The first 20 blocks and 2 avenues weren't on purpose, I just couldn't seem to get a cab. People were getting cabs behind me, across the street, next to me, but I just kept missing them. After the 20th or so missed cab I decided I was meant to walk. Then me, Ray, Matt and Steve walked back to their place after dinner, 14 blocks and 4 avenues. I think they think they're still in Sydney. I was just trying not to cramp up or get mugged. When we got back to their building, I swayed a bit partly from the wine but mostly from the heels and threw my arm out to brace myself against the wall. Except at the same time, some guy came out of the elevator and I had just blocked his way. He stared at me, I stared at him, Ray, Matt and Steve stared at the both of us and then eventually I realized what I was doing and removed my arm. Later on I said I was just being the Fashion Police, the guy was wearing a purple shirt with flowers AND stripes for God's sake.

Yes, I am New Jersey's answer to Michelangelo.

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